France Telecom: Doma Implantation

The innovation area of France Telecom required the incorporation of a documental management system, Nuxeo, based on a solid business platform, Jboss. Many features where developed regarding connectivity, mobility and security, and related to a corporate document management environment.

  • Identified Demand / Problem

    • Demand of a documental system for several uses
    • Connectivity with different devices and internet / network
    • Business/Individual oriented
  • Description

    • Nuxeo working environment over Jboss platform and J2EEenvironment
    • Developments based on Nuxeo API and social network APIs
  • How the problem was solved

    • Basic document management system deployment
    • Custom development on document management system
    • Social network interaction development
  • Business outcome

    • Centralized system of document distribution
    • Multiple customers integrated with the system

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